Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Klats have finally travel his way onto the Google Play Store!!!!

The space nebula will never be the same again!

Main Menu

That's right gamer's the awesome little space pirate is suite and booted and ready for adventure. Enjoy hours and hours of classic rage arcade style madness. Will you be able to tackle on the random generated levels while keep your sanity.

Our hero Klats must collect those rare and valuable stones called "jewel junk". Legend says that these particular stone are suppose to carry the secrete of eternal life. This way everyone in the known nebula are so crazy and will do anything to collect them.

Gamer's must try to steer Klats uncontrollable cruiser through hordes of floating cargo crates. Collect all of the jewel junk and try not to get yourself killed. Now go, what are you waiting for download your ad free copy now on the Google Play Store!!

Click this link here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.johnson80games.spacejunkrage.app

Monday, July 30, 2018

Time to collect some junk

Space Junk Rage the ultimate rage game

Monday 30 July 2018 8:40pm Central Time

Cover Art

One day in the Smokula-9 nebula, a space trucker by the name Bill was cruising through the cosmos. Bill fell asleep behind the wheel and accidentally press the release switch. Thus spilling cargo crates all over infinite space. Little did Bill know that he was carrying a precious stone called "jewel junk". These stones are highly valuable because their known to possess the secrete of infinite life.

Banner for Gamejolt

The word is slowly spilling out about the missing stones. Only top space pirates have the knowledge on the exact location. One day while a cool space pirate by the name of Klats was just returning back from the Nasgon 9 sector, a light hybrid message came on his intercom. The message came directly from HQ telling Klats about a profitable venture. Klats lives for adventures and money and his name being remember as the one of the greatest space pirates to cruise the cosmos.
Protagonist Klats

 Steer Klats out of control ship through the mess of cargo crates that's floating around in space. Klats need to be careful, because one direct hit into those pesky crates and its game over. Enjoy hours of good old fashion fun game-play. Who will be victorious on collect all the jewel junk stones? Only time will tell.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Gigamax Games

Attention all gamer's,

If you are looking for gaming news, reviews, streaming and all things related to the gaming industry. Check out Gigamax Games, they cover big boy studios all the way to indie. So drop what you doing and go check them out at http://gigamaxgames.com/

Come join the fun!!!

Friday, April 13, 2018

It's Smacking the indie game

It's time to get it smaaacckkinngggg!!!

Friday 13 Apr 2018 1:53pm Central Time

Splash Screen
It's that time once again in the Detrix-9 system on planet coolatron. Every year combatants from all over the solar system come to compete in the smacking games. The smacking games is a series of zone style games that players must complete different tasks in order to gain access to the new zone area. These games are from rumble battles to boss fights and only having smart wits shall keep you alive.

Broadcast from ancor-host Moe Cheese

This year two bros from the 44th Quad will compete in this year games. They have been training all of their lives just for this day to come. These awesome bros go by the names That Dude Purp and Smack Daddy Red. Armed with their strength, speed and wisdom they know they have what it takes to compete and win the cosmic cup of Orin the Great.

That Dude Purp
Smack Daddy Red

While these bros are battling for the cup, they will have to face off with  different enemies and mini-boss's that would love to take their heads for a trophy. These enemies are kings on their stage so don't take them likely. They are ugly as well as smart when attacking the combatants.

Moniter T98

 The zone levels in this game are crazy and full of hidden traps that active once a combatant enter the zone. These levels are from under water worlds to a crazy football field of madness. Will to the two bros be able to conquer them all?? Only time will tell.

Level 8 - Underwater Blues

Level 5 - Ore Run in Jackui Nebula

Level 2 - Crazy football in Smashfield Arena

So come join the It's Smacking game page on Facebook to see the latest videos, screenshots and more. https://www.facebook.com/itssmacking

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Press Release - Ku Blast Brawl Alpha Demo

That funky cool space dude Ku is back!!!

 Thursday 9 Nov 2017 1:41am Central Time

November 9, 2017 - Chicago IL - Johnson 80 Games has released Ku Blast Brawl Alpha Demo to the public for desktop and web browsers.

Welcome gamers to a blast from the past in this all new action plat-former shooter game. This is an early release of the game pack with 4 non-stop button smashing shooting action levels. Ku is at his home on Funkaton when all of a sudden a portal opens up in middle of his gaming room. Since Ku is always curious he steps through and sudden he is warp to an unknown world. Once on arrival Ku is inside Doc Motion underground lab. It is here the good doctor explains what happening on his world. Invaders from a region in space has taken over the land and turning it into one big war zone. Doc Motion asked the hero Ku for help and to restore order back to the once peaceful world.

The demo only has four levels to journey in with 3 different weapon-ups to collect and bring the pain. Face new enemies as you progress in the game. The game also has keyboard and mobile controls to pick from. Can Ku save the day once again???

Availability and system requirements: Ku Blast Brawl Alpha Demo is planned to be release to the public on 11-2-2017, and will require windows XP/Vista/7/8/10; a 1.5 GHz processor and 512MB of system memory.

Check out videos on our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can grab a copy of the demo on the Amazon App Store:Ku Blast Brawl

Johnson 80 Games is an independent developer of desktop, web and mobile games such as: Ralle Galactic Wars, Robber Robber, Space Bros, Ku Intergalactic Space Dude, Ku: ISD Wave Mode and Bombs La Bombs. Visited us on http://johnson80games.wixsite.com/johnson80games

Press info: Press kit with screen shots and video will be available via email: johnson80games@gmail.com


Friday, September 8, 2017

W.T.H Monsters Alpha Demo

W.T.H Monster Alpha Demo is almost ready!!!!

Genre: Top down action shooter
Platforms: Desktop and Web Browsers
Modes: Arena

Enemy - The Glok 

Gamers and gamerettes alike, I know you been waiting for a crack at W.T.H Monsters the all new top-down action shooter game. After a series of different debugging tests, I can finally say that there will be a working demo coming soon for desktop and web browsers. 

Compatible web browsers

The game starts with the protagonist T.B. Turner waiting for his bros to pick him up from the park to go to a party uptown. While our hero is waiting a strange beam of light appeared from the night sky, transferring T.B on some strange alien ship. Once awaking, he notices that someone or something has place some type of suit on him and there is a voice giving him instructions on the location that his is at and what he must do in order to make it back to his home planet.

Cut-scene 1: The abduction

Now our hero must battle through each arena, fighting the creatures of space and time. Can he do it?? Will he be able to survive?? Only you can guide him.

Arena 1

Arena 4

Sunday, September 3, 2017

No Way Out - Top down survival horror game

Time to bust up some zombies!!!

Genre: Survival Horror
Platforms: Desktop and Web Browsers
Modes: Story

Main Menu

Come join our hero Max Jones as he investigate an terrible incident that occurred in the small isolated town of Hogtan. The mystery all began when a green cloud of mist started to cover the town. A few hours later all hell broke a lose. Towns people began to mutate into hideous infected like creatures and started to attack anything that got in their way. There is an small rumor that an powerful pharmaceutical company along with an mysterious corporation called "Blue Cargon" has cause the green mist to appear. 

Stay alive long enough to collect clues on the tragedy that happen. Find different weapons that will aid you on journey for the truth. Some of these weapons will range from Pistols, Uzi's, sub-machine guns and RPG's. Locate ammo crates to re-fill our ammunition. Collect med-kits to regain some health that you lost form a fight. 
Acid Spitter zombie
Be aware that you will engage in battle with acid spitting zombies, crazy blade carrying infected, and many more of  the undead.